Working Together As One.....For All

  Long Island Family Support Services
Advisory Council
February  15, 2017

      Greetings and Introductions

      Board Members Present: Michael Buffa, Mary Fasano, Cathy Aziz,
      Conrad Bergmann, Ralph Warren, Bob Policastro, Kathy Callahan,     
      Colleen Kunkel, Craig Marcot, Terri Manzione, and Alison Giangregorio 
      (by phone).

      Excused: Roy Probeyahn, Judy Greenberg & Joann Ripp.

      Staff: Amanda Egan

      Ms. Egan reported that 5729 people are enrolled in Family Support on         Long Island.
2435 are in the waiver and 2294 are not.    
      Alison noted that in her experience, the larger agencies are not                  allowing people in Self Direction to construct blended plans.

      The reimbursement budget is $200,000. $156,000 has been allocated;
      $102,000 spent and $41,051 still available.

      We need to know if there are people in need of family support and             not receiving it. Suggestion was made to use our data base to reach           out to families to see if they have applied for FSS and are not receiving

      Since the quarterly reports ask agencies to identify any problems, 
      this could be used to identify wait lists.
Chairman's report: Mike Buffa reported on the Bellmore Merrick
      Transition Fair. He also said that the DDPC check is supposedly in the         mail but has not yet been received. We still have a short fall for the           breakfast.

Committee Reports:

Self Advocacy: No report as Joann not present.

Long Island Task Force On Aging Out: No report as Roy
           not present.

           Correspondence: Conrad reported that in January 199 surveys   
           were received regarding 40 different programs. Lack of                           communication and timely responses continue to be issues.                        Head Injury and UCP Suffolk were cited for issues with their MSCs. 
           Stony Brook Behavior Clinic was cited for an issue regarding follow
           up. Special Olympics had an issue with transportation and lodging 
           for a married couple.

Web Site Updates: Cathy said that she has posted the latest      
           grant list. She has been asking for Front Door info but has not                    gotten anything from the DDSO.

           Quarterly Meeting: Meeting will be held in May. Terri will contact
           Jaci and Margaret regarding content.

           Statewide Meeting: Mary distributed and discussed the minutes
           from the November statewide meeting.

           New Business: Election will be held at our April meeting.
           Bob pointed out serious issues faced by the Care at Home program.
           He is working with Albany regarding the issues.

eeting adjourned.

     Next Meeting: March 16, 2017- 7:30pm at Oser Ave.